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Telebrands HBN Elliptical Cycle

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 12,999.00 (Free Delivery Charge) Details
  2,000.00 (13%)
Inclusive of all taxes
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  • LCD Monitor: LCD digital monitor indicates Time elapsed, Calories Burned and pulse with the built-in sensors. The battery in the LCD monitor is replaceable.
  • Adjustable handrails: The adjustable handrails could be adjusted according to your comfort and height. The hand grips are adjustable to suit everyone. Soft rubber cushions give you comfortable hand grip. The curvy handle gives proper support to your hands so you do not feel any pressure during exercise.
  • Adjustable seat & Long Paddles: The Adjustable Soft rubber cushioned seat gives you comfort during workout. It has large size skid proof paddles for proper weight balance.
  • Metal flywheel & transportation wheels: The durable high quality meta flywheel gives a high intensity workout experience. The transportation wheels help to drag the machine from one place to other.
  • Top quality, sturdy and durable: The elliptical cycle is made up of top quality metal and plastic which makes it durable.
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    Elliptical, Cycle, Cardio, Equipment, Lose, Fat, Fitness, Equipment, Exercise, Equipment

    Product Information

    Technical Details
    Dimension 98 X 65 X 22 CMS
    Volumetric Weight 23.35kg
    Weight 28kg

    Product Description

    If you’ve always searched for a cycle which offers much more than just legs workout, then your search ends now. Telebrands HBN Elliptical Cycle is a total body workout cardio machine. In just one action it impacts upper body, midsection and lower body. You can work out on your Shoulders, Biceps, triceps, Oblique, Abs, Thighs, Back, Wings, Glutes, Hamstring and calves with this elliptical trainer cycle. This is a perfect cardio machine to get fit, lean & slim body. It burns more than 820 calories per hour. It is a great cardiovascular workout.

    Elliptical Cycle Benefits

    One of the primary benefits of using an elliptical is that it provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout letting you avoid the pounding associated with other activities such as running. If done correctly, there is minimal impact on the hip, knee, and ankle joints. Along with an elliptical, an exercise bike and rowing machine will provide a low-impact workout as well.

    Unlike a treadmill, an elliptical can deliver a full-body workout provided you use the handles. To do so effectively, you will want to actively push and pull on the handles while engaging your core muscles. This done in conjunction with the movement and power generated from your legs will provide all-around muscle toning. If you are looking to mainly target your lower body, you can, however, forgo the use of the handles focusing most muscle exertion to your legs and core.

    Generally speaking, an elliptical may be slightly safer than a treadmill since your feet never leave the pedals. This eliminates the potential misstep resulting in a potential fall or loss of balance.

    The elliptical cycle does not require regular maintenance. While the maintenance is it only requires the lubricating.

    The elliptical machines will let you pedal backwards allowing you to more directly target a different set of leg muscles.

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