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Breathe Easy Anti-snoring Device

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  • Effectively relieves snoring and nasal congestion.
  • Improves the quality of sleep.
  • Easy to wear and take down.
  • Helps you to breath hygienic air when you are in deep sleep.
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    Product Information

    Technical Details
    Dimension 23 X 16 X 6 CMS
    Volumetric Weight 0.5kg
    Weight 0.5kg

    Product Description

    Breathe easy anti-snoring device is used to treat sleep apnea, snoring and nasal congestion. It is a manual, compact, lightweight device which is extremely comfortable to wear and helps you breathe properly while you sleep. Better Sleep means better health and better airflow means more oxygen to the body, hence your overall health, vitality and energy levels improve over time.

    Breath Easy is a cheaper alternative of CPAP [Continuous positive airway pressure] treatment of therapy. Breath easy has thousands of tiny micro-blower plates which maintain airflow in your upper airways to avoid blockage in the air passages. Ultimately, you start breathing by your nose and not by mouth which makes you and your partner enjoy uninterrupted sleep. It also filters the polluted air with the help of air filters which helps you to breath hygienic air when you are in deep sleep. Now, you are ready to leave your entrenched habit of snoring and your ally Breathe easy- Anti Snoring Nose Kit is ready to help you with it.

    Breathe Easy is the one and only anti-snoring device which will help you to get rid of your troublesome habit of snoring. When we fall asleep our throat muscles relax and because of this our lower jaw falls inwards. This causes air blockage specially when we breathe in because the back of your tongue (soft palate) is now touching the throat and constricting the airway passage. In this position when you breathe in, the air has to pass through the constricted airway thus vibrating the back of your tongue and creating a noisy and irritating sound of snoring. A snoring spouse often keeps the other person away from a good night sleep, which can eventually lead to separate bedrooms. Don’t worry! Breathe Easy is there for your rescue.

    Need I say more place your order before we run out of stock.     

    Features and benefits:

    • Soft, comfortable silicone engineered to stay firmly in the nostril, forming a perfect seal without the need for straps.
    • Cheaper alternative of CPAP therapy.
    • Ergonomically designed and Lightweight- when you wear it you don’t feel uncomfortable.
    • Advanced conical shape makes it feel very comfortable in the nose.
    • Designed to stay firmly in the nose without the need for straps.
    • Highly recommended by ENT [Ear, Nose and Throat] doctors.
    • No Side-effects.

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