Gain Weight Faster With These Fruits

Eating healthy food can certainly be crucial in your weight gain journey & today we present the best fruits to help you gain weight faster.

Probably, banana is one among the wonder fruits for weight gain. Banana is a high-calorie fruit that helps in weight gain. Apart from this, banana will help to improve your haemoglobin production. Banana is a good and effective option for people who want to gain weight with healthy calories.

Dried fruits 
Raisins, cashew, nuts, almonds! No matter which is your favourite one, all these will help to increase weight with its saturated fats and calories. It is also a safe option for those who want healthy tips to increase weight. You can also take this as your tea time snacks, if you don’t want to have fresh fruits for weight gain.

Being the king of fruits, mango has the power to increase weight when consumed regularly. Mango is rich in nutrient content and calories, thereby providing your double benefit. Prefer organic mango because most of the commercially available ones contain harmful pesticides.

Figs, with its high calorie content, act as one of the most effective fruits for weight gain. Include figs in your daily diet to get the maximum benefits out of it. You can also add this to any of your favourite food salads to make it more tasty.

Avocados have approximately 400 calories per medium fruit. It is also famous for its high fat content. If you are not interested in taking it as a whole fruit, you can try avocado juice or you can try smoothies with any other combinations. They can also be added to salads

Include grape juice in your daily diet if you are looking for tips to increase weight. Also, raisins are calorie-dense than its fresh fruit version. A cup of raisins has 493 calories when compared to the 104 calories provided by fresh grapes.

Eat the right fruits, workout in the right way and see the results yourself.

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May 18, 2019


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