Things To Avoid When You Go For A Tattoo

mso-bidi-language:HI">A tattoo is a piece of art which you will carry till your
grave which is why it is very essential that you don't compromise on anything
when it comes to a tattoo. The tattoo trend is slowly growing in India & so
are the Indian tattoo artists. A tattoo is no more a bad patch on your skin,
tattoos are now masterpieces of art.

In order to make sure that your tattoo experience is the best, there are few
things that you should avoid at all costs when you go for your tattoo. Believe
me that one bad decision and your body will look terrible forever.

So let's take a look at the things which you need to avoid when you go for a

Don't drink or smoke up before a tattoo
Many people who have no clue about tattoos think that drinking and smoking up
can help you handle the pain that you feel during a tattoo however, that is
completely false. Drinking and smoking up can even cause tearing of the skin
and may leave you with a wound for a life time, no prices for guessing that
your tattoo will be messed up too.

Don't go to a cheap tattoo artist
A cheap tattoo artist is not just the one who charges less, but also someone
who makes tattoos for money. Choose an artist who wants to make tattoos to do
something good on a human body, an artist who appreciates art and wants to do
good work. You spend over 10000 on a phone which you use for hardly 2 years
however, you are reluctant to pay the same amount for something that will last
on your body forever, isn't that strange? Look at the work of the tattoo artist
yourself and not just via images as they can be edited as well & avoid
choosing a cheap tattoo artist.

Don't go for a common design
A tattoo can make you stand out from the crowd unless you choose designs like
an angel, star, flower, infinity etc. These are common tattoos and are made by
a lot of people. No good tattoo artists will recommend such tattoos and you
should not even think of making something like them. Bring out some creativity
or leave the creative part for the tattoo artist, tell the artist your concept
and budget and let the artist make something creative for you.

Don't take advice from friends who have no tattoos
This is one thing you need to take care of because there are many who have no
tattoos and know nothing about tattoos however, will be the first to give many
tips when it comes to tattoos with regards to cream, placement etc. Avoid such
people and rather consult your tattoo artist or someone with a lot of good

And that's about it, avoid these things and your tattoo & the experience
will certainly be better. 

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May 29, 2019


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