Best Hair Care Products For Men

Hair Care has always been a concern when it comes to men because even with the right hairstyle, there is no guarantee that your hair will look the same throughout the day. With factors like wind, breeze, dust etc, it is understood that our hairstyle may go for a toss. Luckily, there are products in the market which are best to keep your hairstyle in place throughout the day & to take care of your hair to give you the much needed confidence which you lose very often due to spoilt hair.

Today we have shortlisted 5 hair care products which will be useful for all men and will certainly enhance their hairstyle & help them impress everyone around.

Gel is probably the most common hair care product and you need to use Gel for High Hold & High Shine. It is no surprise that a lot of men have tried gel at least once in their lives. Gels comes in varying hold strengths from light to strong – giving hair a sculpt hold that won’t budge all day. For a stiff hairstyle, you need a strong-hold gel and if you wish to do minor changes with regards to waviness, a lighter gel is best.

Wax is one hair care product which is very common amongst teenagers these days. Wax is best suited for Medium Hold & Medium Shine. If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, wax is ideal for you. It can have a shiny or matte finish and can be used to create spikes or hold the hair down for a well-groomed look. It doesn't harden over time and the finish looks always shiny. Waxes are ideal for hairstyles that require a comb such as the classic side part.

Cream isn't the most commonly used hair care product however, is certainly very useful and is best for Low Hold & Medium Shine. If you wish to add some natural shine to your hair and control your hairstyle at the same time, you need to start using Cream. They are ideal for thick, harsh & curly hair as well. Creams give hair flexibility and strength and allow you to control your hair without the stiffness of wax and gels. Cream is light and is also ideal for the ones who have fine hair and don't like the weight of wax.

Considered to be the most versatile hair care product as it can be used for almost every hairstyle. Paste is great for Medium Hold & Medium Shine. One big advantage is that Pastes are water based and washing them off is easy and quick. It gives your hair flexibility & visible separation. They can also add volume and texture if added prior to blow drying.

Hair Serum
Some call it Hair Serum, some gloss, some polish however, they are one and the same. Perfect for Low Hold & High Shine, they can be used on long & curly hair. If you wish to get that shine real quick, put a few drops on wet shampooed hair and then rinse it out. For men with longer hair, you can control frizz using Hair Serum. Not many guys use this hair care product however, it can be used to add a quick shiny finish by applying a little bit after your hair is towel dried.

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May 23, 2019


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