Upgrade Your Fashion Sense With These Simple Tips

Fashion has changed a lot over the years and it certainly has changed for the good, I'm not talking about the fashion sense of the designers and models that walk the ramp for them, I am referring to fashion for every common man.

We upgrade our phones, computers and all our belongings, so why not Fashion? Well, if you are someone who was always looking to upgrade your fashion sense and to look more classy and attractive, we present a list of items which you need to upgrade.

Graphic T-shirt to Polo T-shirts
T-shirts with too much graphic are no more in fashion and at times they are considered to be cheap if worn at colleges or parties. The best way to upgrade is to move on to Polo T-shirts. Polo T-shirts make you look smart, confident and certainly more attractive than the Graphic T's. You can wear them when going to your college or some party or even hotels or pubs.

Heavily Branded T-shirt to Plain or With Logo T-shirt
One fashion idea which is no where in trend is the concept of wearing heavily branded t-shirts, no one wants to walk with or hang out with someone who is showing off a brand and is acting like a salesperson for a brand. You need to upgrade to either wearing plain t-shirts or t-shirts with small logos of the brand that you're wearing. These t-shirts make you look cool and mature and are ideal to wear wherever you go.

Sweatshirt to Sweater
A stylish Sweater is a perfect upgrade for the heavy and bulky Sweatshirt. A sweater makes you look cool and smart and adds a touch of class to your personality. A sweatshirt on the other hand makes you look dumb and takes away all the charisma from your personality. You can choose either a Polo Style Sweater or a Cardigan Sweater or a Turtleneck Sweater and we are sure you'll the difference right from your first wear.

Ripped & Faded Jeans to Dark & Clean Denim 
Probably the first thing you need to get rid off are the faded & distressed jeans, they only make you look cheap and like a roadside Romeo. Absolutely no one wants to be seen with someone wearing such jeans at public places. It is high time you upgrade right away to dark & clean denims which look great with shirts, t-shirts and even jackets.

Low Waist Jeans to Mid-Rise Jeans 
Imagine yourself at a party wearing low waist jeans and dancing, you may think it is cool however, the ones who see your innerwear despite of you wearing jeans do not find it cool at any cost. Low waist jeans are completely out of fashion and it is time you make them Mid-Rise Jeans by wearing them at the right place and by jeans of the right waist size. Believe me that Mid-Rise Jeans look much more cooler than Low Waist Jeans and will be appreciated by everyone around too. 

Skin Tight Fit Jeans to Relaxed Fit Chinos
Buying Jeans of the right size is a must these days, there is no way you can buy skin tight jeans and show the world the actual shape of your legs and force them to imagine your struggle of getting into those jeans. Stop wearing them and upgrade to Relaxed Fit Chinos, they will make you look mature, smart and dashing.

Sports Shoes to Casual Leather Shoes 
Gone is the trend of wearing your running and football shoes with your jeans and going to college. Upgrade them to Casual Leather Shoes. Casual Leather Shoes look great with jeans and chinos and certainly make your overall personality shine brighter. The right choice of shoe makes a huge difference and Casual Leather Shoes is certainly the right choice.

Flip Flops to Moccasins 
You need to upgrade from Flip Flops to Moccasins at the earliest, Flip Flops are now considered a fashion disaster and no matter how good the quality of the clothes you wear is, Flip Flops will simply make you look cheap and ridiculous. Upgrade to Moccasins, they serve the same purpose and add life to your look. You can wear them wherever you go and make a better impression.

Sneakers to Bucks/Chukkas 
Sneakers look great no doubt however, Bucks & Chukkas are a level up. Sneakers are too common and have no power to make your look complete whereas Bucks & Chukkas give you a complete look and make you look way smarter. Wearing them will certainly make sure that your first impression is just right and they can be used for colleges, parties or anywhere you go.

White Athletic Socks to Dark Colored Socks
Socks aren't really considered that important when it comes to fashion however, the wrong socks can certainly make a bad impression. Choose the color of your socks wisely and make sure that it matches the color of your clothes. Don't go with white socks every time as they look like the socks which you wear before playing some sports. Also, avoid socks with multiple designs and patterns and stick to simple and plain ones.

Caps to Well Combed Hair
Head gears like caps and bandanas have lost their credibility now, gone are the days when you will gain praises for the head gear you wear. Now, everyone prefers guys with well cut and well combed hair, your hair can be short or long, manage them well and you will certainly be checked out by many secret admirers.

Wrist Band to Watch
Throw those fancy and childish wrist bands and get yourself a good watch, you don't have to get an expensive watch or a smart watch however, a decent looking watch without any fancy designs will work just fine. Your watch has the potential to make you stand out from the others and it is high time you upgrade from wrist bands to watches.

3/4th to Shorts
There was a time when wearing a 3/4th was considered to be cool however, the trend is long gone. You need to upgrade to shorts of the right length. Right length would be shorts which come just below your knee when you stand and just above your knee when you sit. Make sure that your shorts are not too short, wear shorts of the right length and kill the show wherever you go. 

These are the changes that you need to make in your fashion life at the earliest. Imagine yourself wearing all the upgraded things that we've mentioned about and we are pretty sure that you will definitely love the new version of you. If you love it, so will the world, upgrade now and show the world the new you.

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May 16, 2019


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