First Date Tips For Men - Do These Things Without Fail

Some moments are really special & important and without a doubt, going on a date with someone you love or like does make the list. We've helped you with regards to your first date fashion guide & today we present some more first date tips for men with regards what to do and what to say.

So what are the best first date tips for men? Let's find out.

Plan properly
Planning is very important specially when it comes to the place to visit, the things to do & the duration of the meet up. Pick a location which is comfortable and convenient for both, a place where you can have a really good conversation. Avoid a movie date as you both will get very less time to talk, go to a good restaurant where you've had a good experience previously with friends or family and avoid going to any new place on your first date. Keep the traveling time and distance in mind & make sure that your girl feels safe and comfortable at all times.

Dress at your best & be well groomed
It is no surprise that you will find this in every first date tips for men, read A Man’s Fashion Guide To Make His First Date The Best to know more,

Be punctual
A girl will always like a man who is on time, if you give her a time of 8pm, be there just be 8, there is no need to wait at the location from 7.30pm. Also, avoid being late & in case you reach after her, politely apologize and don't give too many excuses. In case you're on time and she's late, don't make her feel uneasy, calm things and make her feel good.

Don't be nervous
If she is ready to meet you, be confident that she wanted the date to happen. Feel good about it and don't be nervous when you speak with her. Be classy and comfortable around her. 

Stay focused
A date is always good when both of them talk and listen. Listen to what she says, don't interrupt her. Try talking about things she likes, if you have no idea of the things she likes, just acknowledge what she says and show interest. Ask her good questions and don't make it sound like a boring internet conversation. 

Make her feel special
A girl will always love the efforts you put in making the date better. Compliment her in the right way and at the right time, if she enjoys it, don't over do it. Also, avoid trying silly pick up lines or dialogues & stick to being yourself. Use words like “beautiful” & “lovely” as they sound better than words like “smoking hot” or “dead sexy”

Show your class
One of the most necessary tips when it comes to first date tips for men. Most men do everything right however, they forget to prove that chivalry isn't dead. Open the door for her, make sure she enters inside first, let her sit on the chair before you, don't leave her alone for a long time.

Pay the bills
She may be an independent woman and she may insist on paying however, take up the initiative by paying yourself. This is also a good way to meet up again

End the date on a good note
Ask your girl if she's okay with you dropping her home, if she's not, don't force her. Make sure to say good bye and tell her that you had a good time. If you both will be traveling via cabs, wait for her to leave in her cab, don't leave if your cab comes early and if her cab has not arrived.

Follow up
Tell her to message you once she reaches home. Praise her in a good way in your good night message, make sure she sleeps and wakes up with a smile because of your efforts.

So these first date tips for men should be followed religiously, don't compromise on any of the points. Along with first date tips for men, make sure to avoid fashion blunders.

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May 16, 2019


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