Yoga poses to strengthen your back

Learn how to strengthen you back the easy way!

People who suffer from ongoing or recurrent bouts of back pain often have to try a number of different forms of exercise to find the most appropriate therapy to manage their pain. For many, yoga has proven to be a safe and effective way to finally alleviate many forms of back pain or neck pain and help prevent ongoing problems.

Is your back aching? These Yoga Poses will definitely relieve back pains and make you flexible. Stretch your back with Bhujangasana, strengthen it with Matsyasana, relieve lower back pain with Ustrasana, and soothe your spine with Marjariasana. Much more back strengthening Yoga poses shown in this video will give you a mighty and pain-free back. 

These beginner level back strengthening exercises will be boons for those who are suffering from back pain as their back muscles are fragile. These poses can be easily done by people struggling with a backache, beginners to strengthen their back muscles and people returning to workout after an injury or childbirth.

Yoga can provide several healing benefits for people with various types of back pain. For example, yoga can help by:

  • Healing injured back muscles
  • Speeding time to recover from an injury or childbirth
  • Preventing re-injury
  • Helping maintain a regular level of daily activities and avoid disability

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Manisha Israni




June 27, 2019


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