X Bike- Space Saving Stationary Bike

The Telebrands X-Bike is a bare-bones exercise bike designed to save floor space and money. It positions you upright like a traditional stationary bike, and the unique frame can fold easily for storage. The X Bike may look a little different at first glance due to its higher seat and handlebars, but this does not take away from the bike’s functionality. Riders will find that this bike, meant for weight loss, provides an immense workout that leaves the rider tired, sore and fitter with each and every session.

Benefits Of Telebrands X-Bike:
Space saving: This home exercise bike does not take any space in your home as this has a folding frame for convenient storage in a closet or corner of your home.

Lightweight and Portable: Simply drag it with the help of the inbuilt trolly wheels to workout in any corner of your house.

Seat with Foldable cushioned backrest: The spinal cord remains erect while you rest your back on the back rest of the seat.

Adjustable seat: The height of the Adjustable seat could be changed according to your comfort.

Advance Resistance system: The 16 level resistance system helps you to adjust the intensity of workout according to your convenience.

Digital monitor: 6 Functions LCD digital monitor indicates Speed, Distance, Time elapsed and Calorie Burned with the built-in sensors.

Mobile Holder: To keep you entertained and motivated.

Dual-grip front and side handlebar: Allows for varying posture while working out.

Upright and recumbent seating position: Now cycle in Upright as well as Recumbent position with this single fitness equipment.

Skid free Pedals The Pedals are skid free with an adjustable foot strap for safety and non interrupting workout.

Dual-grip front and side handlebar: Allows for varying posture while working out so that you can vary the muscles you are training.

Smooth Operation: The cycling motion is smooth and fluid. Giving you maximum intensity, fluidity and speed for an uninterrupted workout.

Silent: Now enjoy your cardio workout at home with X-Bike Deluxe Exercise bike while watching your favourite show at TV or news without having to deal with any noise.

Durable and Low maintenance: It is durable as it is made up of high quality industrial grade material frame which makes it durable and long lasting.

The battery in the LCD screen is replaceable and Max Weight Capacity of the bike is 110kgs.

Good Value for Money: Reasonably priced yet perfectly robust. It's lightweight but still stable and comfortable (thanks to a padded adjustable seat) and has 16 resistance levels making it a high end purchase.

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May 17, 2019


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