Why Run On A Treadmill?

Why would you want to get a treadmill for your home or run on one in a gym when you can just go outside? There are several key benefits that running on the treadmill brings.

Treadmills are safe and convenient. No rain and no slick surfaces to deal with when it’s monsoon, and your body doesn’t need as long to warm up when it is winter.

Anywhere, Anytime:
Place it in front of your TV, and you’re ready to go. If you don’t want to run when it is super dark in the morning or evening, jumping on a treadmill at home or in the gym is a great alternative that allows you to focus on the workout ahead.

You can simulate your race better. If you live in a flat region but have a hilly course coming up, a treadmill can let you mimic the course with its incline setting.

It may help your form. Some research shows that runners have reduced stride lengths and higher stride frequencies (turnover) on a treadmill as compared with ground running. You could also use the treadmill on speed workouts to hit intended time goals, since you have no choice but to run at the speed that you have put into the machine. (Just be safe, possibly attaching the safety key to your clothing so that if you slip the treadmill will stop automatically.)

Features Of the 0.75 Treadmill From Telebrands
Dual color makes it stylish & trendy
5 inch LCD monitor to check Time, Distance, Calories Burnt, Speed
Emergency stop button
Sturdy Handgrip
Wide Running Belt
Strong, sturdy and slip free running platform
Foldable, easy to use, space saving
Dual Side Rollers
Transport wheels
Industrial strength material
SGS tested
All parts serviceable

Continuous Motor Duty : 0.75 HP
Peak duty : 1.5 HP
3 Preset Programs
Speed Range : 1-8Kms
1 year warranty

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May 17, 2019


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