Toning Motion Belt

Toning Motion Twin by HBN is a high-performance slimming and massage belt. It combines the effect of palpitating massage and sauna heat to break down fat cells in your body.

It is very lightweight and compact and can be worn on any body part. With adjustable velcro belt, it becomes easier to adjust it on various body parts like stomach, hips, thighs, arms, back and shoulders. Remote controlled with multi functions and multiple massage modes, this is one of a kind massage belt available in the market.

Just wear it and continue to do your daily chores. This Toning Motion Belt is an effortless and the easiest way to get slim while resting at you home or while Performing Daily Tasks. Apart from weight loss and inch loss regular use promotes blood circulation, improves digestion and clarifies your complexion.

It is the easiest ay to loose weight. Use it for only 10 minutes a day for an effective weight loss massage. Toning Motion twin combines two most important and guaranteed methods of weigh loss - massage & sauna Heat. It comes with a powerful motor that rotates 5000 times in a minute. This oscillation create a vibrations which penetrated deep in body to melt fats and cellulites. The heat on the other hand helps you sweat out the unwanted fats.

Weigh Loss can be easier with this slimming belt, I guarantee you that!

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May 16, 2019


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