Post Vacation Fitness Plan For Women, Must Read

I'm sure that every female likes to dance and I'm sure that you dance during your vacations too so dancing in your free time should not really be a problem, in fact dancing is a solution to get your post vacation body back in shape. You can dance when there is no For a female, a vacation with her family or friends, away from all the household work and free from all responsibilities is always a very pleasant and a memorable experience. Now we all know that a vacation is the little time you get for yourself wherein you can enjoy, spend quality time and relax with your family and friends. A period wherein you consume everything you love and everything that you don't cook at home, it can be the most tempting junk food or the smoothest of drinks and of course, none of us are going to think of our health or fitness when it comes to enjoying on a vacation. So do we stop doing what we love on a vacation just to stay fit? Do we keep exercising even on a vacation? Do we go back to doing the same thing that we do in our daily life? Well, I know the idea of the above takes the fun out of your vacation plans because neither of us wish to restrict ourselves nor do we want our family members or friends to restrict themselves whilst on a vacation. 

Today we have some amazing tips for you to get back in shape after a long and fun vacation, a vacation where you do everything which affects your fitness, where you don't eat on time, don't sleep on time, eat all the unhealthy food, drink everything you should not. So if you're a female who has avoided a vacation to stay fit or if you are a female who never got back in shape after a vacation, these simple tips will help you achieve a good and fit body. This blog is specially written for women and it includes the best things they can do to get in shape after a vacation apart from hitting the gym.

When it comes to women, most women go out to the market or nearest store to buy daily goods and luckily walking is one of the most important routine to keep yourself healthy and fit and the best thing for a woman to do after coming back from a vacation. The best part about walking is that you don't have to be fast or walk a certain distance, all you need to do is just walk, even if it for a minute, that's completely fine, keep walking. To make walking more effective, you can walk with a bag on your back. Increase your walking time and distance everyday, even if it is by 10 seconds or 10 inches, that would do. Make sure you improve on your walking everyday, try making your bag heavier and continue walking. Also, walk after your dinner, walk in your free time. You can walk inside your house if you don't feel like going outside. Keep a track of how much you walk and soon you'll leave the vacation body behind.

After sleeping very less or too much, you need to get your sleep schedule in place. Nowadays, females sacrifice their sleep mainly due to family reasons, a female sleeps by 12am after finishing all the household work and gets up by 6am to prepare breakfast for her family and in doing this, she sacrifices vital hours of her sleep. A human body requires around 7 to 8 hours of sleep in one go to stay healthy, plan your day in such a way that you get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and make sure that you have a fixed time range for sleeping. For eg – sleeping daily from 12am to 8am will be more beneficial than sleeping from 11pm to 7am on day 1, 2am to 10am on day 2, 1am to 9am on day 3. Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours in intervals will not be that effective when it comes to fitness, for eg – sleeping daily from 12am to 6am and then from 3pm to 5pm will not be as effective as sleeping daily from 12am to 8am. So give proper time to your family and explain the importance of fitness to them too so that you can be healthy and keep your entire family healthy too.

Knowing the fact women spend a lot of their time taking care of their family, they often forget to eat on time and sometimes do not eat at all, after a long vacation wherein you delay your meals or skip them, it is really tough to plan a daily eating schedule however for a women, it is really essential that she plans her schedule really well and sticks to it. Make sure that you eat your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner on time. Do not skip any meal, keep eating healthy things like fruits or consume natural and healthy juices whenever possible. Drink lots of water while doing your household or office work. Eating on time and following it regularly helps your body be in shape and that's exactly what you need after a long vacation.

one watching, dance in your free time or simply listen to music while cooking and keep moving your body. It is okay if you're not a good dancer, it is okay if you've never danced before, just turn the music on and start moving your body. Regular body movements will play a major role in getting your body back to shape. Along with dance, you can always keep playing with your kids and make sure that there is body movement, you can meet your female friends and instead of sitting and talking, your group can either do skipping, run, jog or walk and talk to help you be healthy. If you have many female friends who are interested in fitness, form a group and start dancing together, make fitness seem fun and enjoyable.

So stop worrying about your fitness and enjoy your vacation the next time you plan for a vacation with your family and friends, you can always be back in shape and maybe even better by trying the above steps. Remember where there is a will, there is a way and I am sure that these 3 steps are easy to do and follow and won't really take a lot of your energy too. Give sometime and practice these 3 simple things and you'll certainly be fit and healthy again. Do try them if you're fresh from a vacation or if you never got back into fitness after your last vacation and I am sure you will see the results and the transformation really soon.

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May 15, 2019


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