Post Vacation Fitness Plan For Men, Must Read

Going on a long vacation with your family or friends is always a very pleasant and a memorable experience however the way your body looks after that vacation may not be really pleasant. Now we all know that a vacation is a much needed break from your daily life wherein you can enjoy, spend quality time and relax with your family and friends. A period wherein you consume everything you love, it can be the most tempting junk food or the smoothest of drinks and of course, none of us are going to think of our health or fitness when it comes to enjoying on a vacation. So do we stop doing what we love on a vacation just to stay fit? Do we keep exercising even on a vacation? Do we go back to doing the same thing that we do in our daily life? Well, I know the idea of the above takes the fun out of your vacation plans because neither of us wish to restrict ourselves nor do we want our family members or friends to restrict themselves whilst on a vacation. 

Today we have some amazing tips for you to get back in shape after a long and fun vacation, a vacation where you don't eat on time, don't sleep on time, eat all the unhealthy food, drink everything you should not. So if you're a guy who has avoided a vacation to stay fit or if you are a guy who never got back in shape after a vacation, these simple tips will help you achieve a good and fit body. This blog is specially written for men and it includes the best things they can do to get in shape after a vacation apart from hitting the gym.


Running plays an important role in building your stamina and when you're fresh from a vacation, the main thing you lack is stamina, running helps you build on your stamina and eventually helps you get a fit body. It does not matter how much you run, what matters is that you run. It is a well known fact that everyone who is fit always runs as running helps improving stamina, strength, speed and many factors which keep you fit and healthy. Running does not mean that you have to run at the highest speed or run a long distance, you can be slow, run a small distance and keep improving everyday. Running is always a good practice and with running you can be very sure that your post vacation workout will get a great start.


When you're back from a vacation, you become too lazy for any sport however sports is the best way to get back in shape after a long vacation. Playing any sport is probably the best way to enjoy, spend time with friends and to stay fit. Football, cricket, volleyball or any outdoor sport is great in order to stay fit. Play with your friends and have fun and at the same time help your body be in shape. Movements in your body while playing any sport play a major role in staying fit and healthy and this is exactly what you need after a vacation. The activities you do during any outdoor game are vital for staying fit. The best part about sports is that it is okay if you don't do it right, you just have to do it. For eg - It does not matter if you play a forward who runs the whole field or a goalkeeper who protects the goal while playing football, it will still help you to be fit. Also, it is okay if you play at any time, morning, afternoon, evening or night. To be fit after a vacation, all you need to do is play and keep your body active.


The most important part after returning from a vacation is planning and organizing your day because you are so used to sleeping late, eating at any time whilst on the vacation that getting things back on track can get really tough. However, you need to start somewhere and you need to start with a plan. Plan your daily schedule, get up on time, eat on time, drink water regularly, do not skip meals, include time for running, sports and home exercises, be active throughout the day, sleep on time and slowly and steadily you'll notice your body coming back in shape despite of everything you've done whilst at the vacation. Make sure to eat more of home food, drink lots of water, take proper rest and don't stress yourself too much.

So don't regret the things you've done during your vacation, you can always be back in shape and maybe even better. Remember where there is a will, there is a way and I am sure that these 3 steps are easy to do and follow and won't really take a lot of your energy too. Give sometime and practice these 3 simple things and you'll certainly be fit and healthy again. Do try them if you're fresh from a vacation or if you never got back into fitness after your last vacation and I am sure you will see the results and the transformation really soon.

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May 15, 2019


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