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When it comes to the abdomen, everyone dreams of the flat belly and an hourglass figure. Getting a flat abdomen isn't that easy however if you know the best exercises, it won't be tough to achieve it. However, achieving a flat abdomen is easy with the help of single equipment known as Ab roller-Body roller.

The exercises to be done with the help of Ab roller-Body roller are Straight Roll Outs and Side Roll Outs. This home gym tool will tone your abs and give a fit and healthy appearance. Ab wheel Exercises are a combination of stability, strength and stamina. This ab wheel workout routine is all you need to do for a flat jaw-dropping belly.

The Ab roller-Body roller machine is overall a very effective exercise machine when it is used in the right manner. Many exercises can be performed, and each one of them strengthens different muscles of the body, and it does not harm the back either. Most importantly it helps you build a strong core. Building a stable core not only gives you a flat belly but it also helps you in improving your stamina and strength.

The Ab roller-Body roller is a versatile machine and can work approximately 20 different muscles. It is known to be highly effective for the abs, butt, and thighs.

Here are two of the more popular Ab roller-Body roller workouts:

Regular Roll:
The regular roll is something you start with knees in a straight position and the Ab roller-Body roller below the shoulders. This involves rolling forward, making sure you extend the hips and arms, and your back is finally straight. You can roll back after holding for 1 to 2 seconds. Make sure you contract your glutes and keep your arms straight.

Pike Roll:
The Pike roll is a slightly harder exercise and involves starting in the plank position. This means having the Ab roller-Body roller in front of you with hands extended and lifting the body on your toes. You now need to roll towards your toes to make an inverted ‘V.’ The more advanced exercise involves touching your nose to the ground. After holding for 1 to 2 seconds, you can roll back.

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