Legs Workout Home Fitness Cycle – X Bike

X Bike is a legs workout home gym cycle to help you get a toned and defined lower body, ideal for both men and women, this health and fitness equipment is easy to use and helps you burn calories faster, as per results, working out on this cardio fitness machine can help you burn 4 times more calories as compared to walking. With accurate indicators, high quality pedals, adjustable seat and wheels for transportation, X Bike has no replacement or substitute. Perfect for all those who wish to do cardio at home, this portable exercise equipment has all the potential to give you the results you’ve wanted.

An important part of cardiovascular workouts is the ability to keep track of your progress and measure how much your fitness is improving over time. With an LCD screen, you can easily track your progress on this legs workout bike. This includes accurate measurements of the time spent cycling and distance cycled, and even the theoretical number of calories burnt and speed making X Bike a complete home gym cycle.

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Increases your overall fitness level.
Improves your muscle strength.
Improves full body flexibility & joint mobility.
Reduces body fats, anxiety and depression.
Helps in weight loss.
Burns 4 times more calories than walking.


Space Saving.
Deep padded comfortable adjustable seat.
Height adjustable saddle.
Non-skid foot pedals.
Adjustable magnetic resistance system.
LCD Monitor to check calories burnt, distance, speed & time.
Chip resistant, robust, heavy duty steel frame.
Long Lasting.

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