Winter Skin Care Tips For Women Of All Ages

Winter is a tough time for a female skin thanks to the cold weather and dry air through heaters. Combine them with your heavy & abrasive winter clothing & you have the perfect plan to make your skin cracked and flaky. It is no surprise that during winter months, skin peaks in its dryness and females have to take extra precautions to ensure that it stays hydrated and moisturized. Today, we present the best winter skin care for women which will make sure that your skin glows everyday without any cracks or dryness, even in winters.

When it comes to avoiding cracked skin, people believe that exfoliating should be avoided however, this is absolutely false. In the winter, dead skin cells tend to accumulate on your skin which makes it hard for beneficial products such as moisturizers and hydration to work as effectively as they would work during summers. In order to make this layer of skin accessible, slough off dead skin cells with a clean soft towel or non-abrasive liquid scrub.

Always give your skin the nourishment it needs & deserves. Try products with glycerin and ceramides to really replenish your dry, flaky skin. Keep in mind that timing is everything and applying the right things at the wrong time will be of no use. Moisturize as soon as possible after you wash your face for best results. When water evaporates off your face it also draws out moisture. Don’t let that happen by applying within 60 seconds.

No Hot Water
Every winter skin care will ask you to avoid hot water. I know that hot water seems really relaxing during winters however, hot water has negative effects on your skin. Use lukewarm water instead because hot water strips skin of its natural oil barrier. This layer is essential in retaining moisture in your skin. Another thing to avoid is washing your face for too long which is why you need to keep your shower time minimum during winters.

Choose The Right Skin Care Routine
Once it is winter, you need to say goodbye to alcohol in the form of toners, astringents and peels, as they will dry out your skin. You can use gentle, fragrance-free cleansers that contain fatty substances such as ceramides, which will give moisture and suppleness back to your skin, as well as enhance your skin’s barrier function.

And that is that, just 4 small steps in your winter skin care routine can make your cracked skin turn into something you've always wanted (even during winters)