What Women Want Men To Wear, Don’t Miss Out

What women want is probably one of the questions that can never be answered however, what women want men to wear? We have all the correct answers for this question. It is believed that men usually dress up to impress women and we strongly believe that you should know about what women want men to wear so that you can impress the woman of your dreams.

Here are 5 things that every woman would want a man to wear.

The Right Jeans
Your choice of jeans also reflects your choices in life so make sure you choose the right one. Avoid wearing jeans which are too baggy or loose, avoid wearing jeans which have too much of monkey wash patterns and too many patches, avoid jeans which have cuts and are ripped. Remember, boys wear such things and these aren't meant for men. A woman does not like to see a man wearing such jeans, a woman likes men who wear jeans which are properly fitting, which are single color (with or without a little shade), which match well with the shirt or t-shirt that men wear. Blue and Black jeans are always appreciated as they suit every color t-shirt or shirt that you wear.

T-shirts That Fit Properly
There is a small difference between a t-shirt and a fitting t-shirt and this small difference can at times make a huge difference, when it comes to woman and their choices, what women want is men wearing t-shirts that fit them well. You can wear a round neck, a V neck, a polo neck t-shirt, the t-shirt can be half or full sleeves, it can be of any color however, make sure that if your size is L, then do not wear something which is M or XL or XXL. Stick to L and carry the fitting t-shirt with a confident smile. Also, women do not really appreciate t-shirts with quotes and images which make no sense and do not like men wearing t-shirts which has some brand name all over the t-shirt. They love t-shirts which are plain or with a logo or with a small text.

Rolled Up Shirts
Probably the biggest weakness of girls, a man wearing the right shirt with sleeves rolled up and that's exactly what women want. Wear a shirt which is either plain or wear shirts which have lines or checks and all you need to do is roll up those sleeves and you are dressed to kill. A great formal shirt combined with the right trousers is always an attraction for a woman and when they see your sleeves rolled up, they can't help but stare at you. The color of your shirt does not matter however, make sure that you don't wear anything which is too colorful and remember to wear the right size and not something which makes you look as if you're shrinking.

A Jacket has an ability to make you look even smarter every time you wear it, it can be a cotton jacket or a denim jacket or a leather jacket or even a blazer for that matter. Wearing a jacket has been a style statement for years and is still followed by men all over the world. All these jackets look best when they are simple as women love men wearing jackets which are simple and which make them look classy. Avoid Denim jackets with multiple patches, avoid cotton jackets with huge pockets and wear the right size always and you will certainly be noticed by every woman that passes by.

Classy Accessories
Women and accessories make a really good pair and their love for accessories is so much that they don't just like to wear accessories but also want men to wear some classy accessories. You don't have to wear too many accessories however, a good watch and belt and sunglasses should be fine too. Women love men who can make the most of the accessories they wear and a good watch, belt and sunglasses can certainly make your personality shine and make your impression even better. Remember to not mix formals and casuals, if you wear something formal, do not go with a sporty watch or belt and vice versa.

Yes, that is the list. Unbelievable? Yes it does seem unbelievable because you already have most of them however, you've never made the right use of them. Search your wardrobe and wear a fitting t-shirt or a shirt with sleeves rolled up, wear a jacket if it is cold and make sure to choose the right jeans and accessories.

Try these things and go out with confidence and we are sure that you'll impress many women by your style statement.