Non Veg Diet Plan For Beginners To Build Muscles

As a beginner in the fitness world, it is very important that you eat right and exercise right and here we present a non veg diet plan to help you make it through the most difficult phase of fitness, the beginner stage. This non veg diet is also helpful for fitness enthusiast who are working and may not find much time to give to their diet.

1 Apple
2 Eggs
2 Whole Wheat Slices of Brown Bread
2 Spoons of Butter

150gm Chicken
2 Chapatis
50gm Rice
½ Bowl of Dal

1 Plate Fruit Salad
200ml Milkshake

2 Chapatis
1 Small Bowl of Veg Curry
1 Banana
100ml Milk

Along with a diet plan, it is very important that you exercise regularly as well. Do not forget to check our gain weight & muscle building exercises crafted by the industry experts.


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