Home Gym Machine For Push-Ups- Fitness Pump

Fitness Pump has the power to make you fall in love with your push-ups thanks to the material and seat quality. With 3 grips, this home gym machine targets your entire upper body. The outer grip targets your chest and biceps, the upper grip targets your back and shoulder, the inner grip targets your triceps. Thanks to the adjustable seat, push-ups seem easy on this home gym equipment. Fitness Pump is also considered as the best gym equipment to maximize your push-up workout results. It has all features of being the best gym equipment for your home.

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Designed to replicate the classic push-up exercise but with reduced back strain.
Manufactured from high quality heavy duty steel for strength and durability.
High density foam padding for comfort during each workout session.
Sturdy and compact design for optimal use of space.
Unisex design and easy to assemble in minutes.
Designed to provide maximum results by stimulating 6 different muscle groups.
High quality finish for great looks, Fitness Pump is designed to last for years to come.
Provides a great workout for the upper chest, arms and shoulders, bicep and triceps, abdomen, legs and ankles as well as muscles of your back.
Tones using static tension so you workout your entire body with one easy movement.
Compact when not in use for easy storage.
Three different hand positions – upper, inside & outer grip.
Three levels of resistance.
Padded seat provides comfortable support.

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