Breakfast Recipe – Spinach & Coconut Smoothie

Spinach & Coconut Smoothie

Nutritious & Delicious Spinach & Coconut Smoothie:

Green shakes- I know that the very thought of them make you cringe. That is probably why we never used to finish our greens as kids! Coming back to green shakes and smoothies, you need not worry, they taste better than they seem to be!! Moreover, they help you burn extra calories!! You may ask why not green juices instead of smoothies? The answer to that is fibre. Yes, green smoothies and shakes have good fibre content unlike juices. So they are a complete food. Coming to the taste part, they won’t taste good if they have just greens. The trick involved here is maintaining a perfect proportion of veggies and fruits. The flavour of the green smoothie or shake is dominated by fruits. You can make your smoothie or shake with 60% green veggies and 40% fruits.


Green grapes- 1 cup

Instead of eating sweets, try grapes. Grapes contain a lot of sugar, so don't eat it too much, but it does not contain fats. 100 g (3.5 oz) of grapes contains only 70 calories. Eating grapes will help you with your weight loss and will clean your body as this fruit is one of the most powerful antioxidants!

Spinach- 1 cup

When it comes to weight-loss foods, spinach is a real nutritional powerhouse. A single cup of spinach contains just 7 calories and only 1 gram of carbohydrate, plus it provides you with iron, folate, magnesium, calcium and plenty of antioxidants. Making this filling, low-calorie food a regular part of your meal plan could aid weight loss

Coconut milk- 1/4 cup

With its creamy texture and slight natural sweetness, coconut milk might taste like something that should be bad for you, yet it’s anything but. Coconut milk is often considered a “miracle liquid” since coconut milk nutrition offers great ability to build up the body’s immune defenses and prevent disease. A coconut milk smoothie for weight loss is perfect for you, if you: enjoy sweet, delicious foods, like a variety of flavors and want something that is quick to prepare


Add the grapes, spinach, and coconut milk in a blender and blend until smooth and frothy.

Enjoy it chilled