Veg Diet Plan For Weight Gain & Muscle Building

Usually a veg diet plan or a vegetarian diet is not believed to as nutritious as a non vegetarian diet however if a vegetarian includes the right kind of and the right quantity of vegetables in his/ her diet, then even a veg diet plan can prove as effective as a non vegetarian diet.

Here is a veg diet plan that will help you all you vegetarians go a long way in your weight gain and fitness journey

Breakfast is your first meal for your day and it is important that you make a right and a nutritious start. It is best to start with a highly nutritious sandwich with minimum 2 bread slices combined with tomato and onion. Spinach and mushrooms would be a great addition as they will help you in your weight gain and also add taste to the dish. Once your done with your breakfast, make sure to quickly drink a glass of milk for better results.

Having taken care of a highly nutritious & tasty breakfast, for lunch you can try anything from pasta to rice to wheat in the form of roti supplemented with vitamin and mineral rich vegetables such as carrots, beans, and leafy vegetables. This will make a tasty and a healthy lunch in true sense and will also keep you pumped up for the rest of your day.

Snacks are crucial for your weight gain and you need to include two or three helpings of snacks in between the meals everyday. An assortment of nuts would be perfect or you can go with another sandwich or a homemade vegetable burger (strictly home made).

Your dinner can be similar to your lunch if not exactly the same. Include the same amount of rice/wheat roti as lunch along with some leafy vegetables. You can try different leafy vegetables for lunch and for dinner as well. Once you are done with dinner, drink a glass of fresh fruit juice and be proud that you’ve eaten the right things for weight gain throughout the day.

So if you meet anyone that tells you vegetables will never help you gain weight, make sure you show them this diet plan. Try this diet plan for few weeks and then show them your new muscular body which you’ve obtained by following a vegetarian diet plan.

Along with a diet plan, it is very important that you exercise regularly as well. Do not forget to check our gain weight & muscle building exercises crafted by the industry experts.