Blazer Ideas For Men For All Occasions

Blazers can separate boys from men and a proper choice of blazer can make you shine bright. With the black blazer really common these days with every other guy wearing it, we thought you should know about some more styles which every man should try.

The White Blazer is gaining popularity all throughout the world and it can make you look stunning, simply wear a dark shirt inside and wear your White Blazer on top and we are sure you are going to be admired by many and especially by the ones you've always liked.

A classic tuxedo is in simple words a suit of black or midnight-blue wool with a lapel of satin or grosgrain and its collar is peaked. A Tuxedo is ideally preferred for weddings however, can certainly be used for different occasions too. A Tuxedo can make you stand out from the entire crowd, carry it with class and confidence & we are sure that you will catch the eye of many ladies in the house.

Three Piece
A Three Piece is a suit with a matching waist coat or vest combined with a shirt and trousers. The Three Piece is now back in fashion and is widely used for formal parties and corporate gatherings. Try it for a conference or your office party.

My personal favorite! The Checks style blazer is one that gives you a retro yet classic look. This can not only make you look awesome, but also keep you in the spotlight wherever you go and is this is certainly a must try.

A Woolen Blazer is best used during winters and is becoming a new style statement. It looks great on men with beard and makes them the center of attraction.

Do try these amazing Blazers and get rid of the same old ones, be a star wherever you go and look different from the crowd.


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