Alia Bhatt Rock & Roll Look – Fashion Ideas

In this look we’ll be discussing how you can carry a Rock & Roll look the way Alia Bhatt carry’s it with finesse and style. We’ll also be suggesting alternatives so that you can incorporate this style in your life.

Alia Bhatt’s Dress:
I know I know, it even stopped my breath for a second, how can anyone look so sexy in a simple ripped jeans. Well, maybe Alia Bhatt can. The magic of this look is brought to life by the frilly feminine top. The bedazzled neckline creates glamour and the frills bring out the gentleness of the character. Ripped jeans on the other hand are associated with ruggedness so we can safely say that this dress is a combination of tough and gentle, something like the today's females.

Lower Options

You can reverse this look by wearing a light color jeans with a black top. In this case your footwear color should also be black.

Top Options

If your are not comfortable wearing a sleeveless top like Alia Bhatt, then you can pair your jeans with a frilly off shoulder or a boat neck lacy top.

Makeup & Hair :

Considering you are going be creating this look for a night out some foundation is a must. Black Kohl eyes, light eye shadow with Pink lips and some pink blush on the cheeks and you are ready for a perfect outing. Hair is Washed, conditioned and casual. You could blow dry if you have the time or just let it dry naturally to enhance your curls.

Footwear Options:

This is a no accessory look, only boots. However if you are not comfortable wearing boots you can replace them with white Lace Plimsolls or white heel party sandals. For comfort you can opt for plumps instead of pencil heels.

You can easily carry off this chick look on any casual occasion, lunch picnic or even an evening party. Comfortable, easy to carry with minimal makeup time. Just 10 minutes and you’ll be ready to rock and roll the whole day. All in all we will give it 5 on 5 in our speedometer of Style, Comfort, Ease, Economy and Originality.