Ab Rocket Twister – Effortless Abs & Core Home Workout

Ab Rocket Twister is no less than a wonder as it has helped thousands of people get the abs they’ve always wanted. With padded cushions and rollers and the option to twist your lower body, this professional fitness equipment gives nothing less than guaranteed results. Often considered to be the best body fitness equipment for abs, social media is completely filled with its praises. Thanks to dual resistance, your one repetition on this exercise machine gives you the benefit of two reps. Ab Rocket Twister is indeed the ideal equipment for a home gym and is certainly going to help you get 6 or 8 packs much easily.

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Targets your upper abs, middle abs and lower abs & obliques.
Strengthens your core & abdominal area.
No back or neck pain.
Helps in weight loss & reduces extra inches.
Improves your posture & metabolism.
Improves body flexibility & stability.


Padded massage rollers included in the backrest for proper grip.
Padded swivel seat twists and turns with your lower abs and strengthens your core.
Perfectly supports neck and back.
Massages throughout the workout.
3 Levels of resistance for beginners, intermediate & advanced.
Strong tubular metal frame which makes Ab Rocket Twister extra sturdy.
Cushions roll while you rock.

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